New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Born in Northeast Ohio, Josh spent a great deal of time outdoors fishing and camping as a child and young adult, where he developed a deep appreciation for the natural world. Thanks to the tenacious work ethic his parents instilled in him, he was raised with both feet firmly planted on the ground.  He was taught the importance of stewardship and responsibility, both in the classroom and out, and developed a diverse set of interests. An accomplished athlete, he spent his high school years playing football, track, and tennis.  He developed a love for theater, film technology, and special effects. He would carry these passions into his college career, where he continued to play football while working on nationally broadcasted television shows. Josh graduated with multiple degrees in broadcast communications and theater production.

Never one to turn down an adventure, Josh took a chance and pursued the path less traveled
where he would  accept a position with the world's largest live family entertainment company as a lead pyrotechnician.  Traversing the country and learning a great deal about lighting and special effects, he took his talents to largest cruise ship operator in the world, working behind the scenes on their onboard shows. There he would meet his wife while working onboard a cruise ship.  .Josh quickly would advance to a highly sought after position working for Disney World as an entertainment technician, and  deciding to make Central Florida their home.  Today, Josh works as a Technical Director for an independent firm, building and designing themed attractions around the world. He is responsible for developing budgets and negotiating contracts for major international projects.  Despite having traveled the world, Josh has yet to find anywhere he loves more than Central Florida – and he’s proud to raise his family here and call it his home.

Josh appreciates more than ever the opportunities he’s been given and the unique set of
knowledge, experience, and insight he will bring to the political sphere.  He would consider it an honor to represent you, his neighbor, as one of Florida’s State Senators. Josh will put District 13 – and the best interests of Central Florida – ahead of party lines, working to achieve what’s best for us all.  He will reach across the aisle and work tirelessly to ensure the well being of community. Championing sustainable and fiscally responsible legislation to propel us into a better tomorrow!



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