"Floridians deserve the right to flourish!  That means a healthy environment, a state that supports all families and individuals, a state that believes that there is redemption.  And most importantly a state that will work for improvement for all of its citizens"

Decades of abuse to our environment, and failure to be good stewards to our world class natural resources has resulted in the loss of millions of dollars to the Florida Economy.

I will work to in-act sustainable legislation that assist in curbing red tide and blue green algae blooms, removing obstacles from wide spread use of renewable and efficient power sources, and reduce the single use trash that we generate.

By lobbying companies to bring their resources to Central Florida we will create jobs, spark innovation, and give Floridians a healthy and suitable environment that they deserve.

Family First Act

No parent should be faced with the choice of putting food on the table, or caring for a newborn! Yet its 2020 and here we are.  I will work to make sure that all parents will have a minimum of two weeks paid leave during the first year of life.

Similar bills have been proposed before, but they all have put the burden on the employees, and have tied eligibility to terms of employment, which is ultimately unsustainable and unjust.

The Family First act will be a state funded program that any Florida parent will be eligible for regardless of income.  So that the parents can focus on the health of their newborn.

Criminal Reform
Police Support
Selflessly, every day Men and Women put their lives at risk to protect and serve the community.  Their job is essential to support our amazing communities.  As a legislator I will insure that the men and women in law enforcement are fully funded  so that they are able to have the proper training and best equipment to keep themselves and the communities they serve safe.
No-Cash Bail

Thousands of people are sitting in jail across Florida accused of a non-violent crime, and will remain a burden to the state simply because these individuals cannot afford cash bail.  The  cost of housing the accused is only a fraction of the untold and unnecessary cost of the additional social services that may be required for the accused and their families.  Working towards a "no-cash" bail system is not only the right thing to do, it is also fiscally responsible.

Continue Funding (and expansion) for Drug Courts.

With the Opioid epidemic in full swing, it is imperative that Florida continues to fund and expand the Drug Court system that was stared in 1989 Florida had the nations first drug court with the goal to reduce crime, provide better options for addicts and have better cost benefits than locking someone up.  Currently, Florida has almost 100 drug courts in operation.



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