"Floridians deserve the right to flourish!  That means a healthy environment, a state that supports all families and individuals, a state that believes that there is redemption.  And most importantly a state that will work for improvement for all of its citizens"
  • Enact sustainable legislation to assist in curbing red tide and blue green algae blooms.

  •  Continue to fund programs to restore our natural resources.

  •  Remove obstacles preventing the widespread use of renewable and efficient power sources.

  • Find alternatives that replace single-use trash to minimize waste.

  • Lobby companies to bring their resources to Central Florida that will create jobs, spark innovation, and give Floridians the healthy and suitable environment that they deserve.

Family First Act
  • All parents will have a minimum of two weeks paid leave during the first year of their child’s life.

  • As a state-funded program, no financial burden will fall on local businesses.

  • Eligibility will not be tied to terms of employment.

  • Enact fair pay legislation.

  • Increase the minimum starting salary for all teachers.

  • Increase the wages of existing teachers.

  • Fully fund public schools.

Criminal Reform
  • Increase funding to train and hire well-qualified police officers.

  • Repeal the cash bail system for non-violent, low-level offenders in favor of a healthy and sustainable "no cash" bail system.

  • Continue funding and expansion of Drug Court.



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